Hey there, I'm Erin, the “Mommy” behind MBS, though these days, I 'm called "Ma" or "Broh". I'm all about embracing the silly side of life and love a good dad joke!

When I'm not busy creating, you can usually find us wandering the aisles of Home Depot or Lowes waiting on hibachi takeout – talk about the perfect date night! And in the summertime, you can bet my family and I are soaking up the sun at the lake, creating memories just like I did at my grandparents’ house on Candlewood.

I absolutely love running a business (well, not doing the math and taxes!), but there's nothing I love more than hosting workshops and parties. Funny thing is, I'm actually an introvert – go
figure! But when it comes to crafting connections and spreading joy, I'm all in. Let's make some memories together!

Fun Fact!  One of my projects made it into the 2022 BH&G Holiday Crafts magazine – pretty cool, right?

Here's my family! All 4 of us are behind MBS. We're proud to offer quality craftsmanship, unique projects, and affordable gifts. From our family to yours, we put loads of love and careful attention in each item. We hope you enjoy our work as much as we enjoy bringing it to you. We know you have options and we appreciate you choosing MBS!

The story behind MBS

Hey! I'm Erin, the creative force behind
MBS and a proud mom of awesome kids – Ben (14) and Sam (almost 12). They've
been my little helpers since they were in diapers, learning the ropes of the business
alongside me.

Married to Daniel, who's not only a
great man but also my constant source of laughter – mostly at him, sometimes
with him! We’re a family of dog lovers although Daniel insists on a strict
limit of one, much to my dismay, we only have two 😊. Every pup we bring home seems to adopt him as their favorite...

I started crafting more when the
kiddos were born. As a stay-at-home mom, money for home improvements was tight,
so I turned to DIY projects to spruce up our space. With a knack for getting my
hands dirty, I learned the ropes from my dad and uncles, tinkering with tools
and fixing things around the house. I turned nap times into project times,
staying up way past bedtime to unleash my inner artist. Eventually it evolved
into a business, "Mommy's 'board" Silly, as friends and family started placing orders for my
hand painted boards (see what I did there?)

But let's get real for a sec. After all
the years at home, alone with the kids, fulfilling orders, I was craving social
interaction! I heard the same thing from my mom friends. Recognizing the
struggle many moms faced in making new friends while juggling parenthood, I
pivoted to bring craft parties directly to them with the DIY mobile studio.
Hitting the road in 2018, I had a blast meeting groups of friends eager to
unleash their creativity together. But MBS isn't just about making
pretty things; it's about finding your tribe and sharing some laughs along the
way. That's why I added in public events. Solo crafters needed to join without
feeling out of place! That's why I strive to create laid-back, welcoming
events where everyone – whether seasoned crafter or self-proclaimed non-artist
– can feel empowered to try new things and connect with others.

Crafting connections, building bonds, and leaving with a
project to be proud of – that's what MBS is all about!

Let's paint, laugh, and make memories together – it's
what we do best!